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Mr Ng

Mr Ng Hai Wei

  • We teach our students the secrets to overcoming careless mistakes
  • we support accelerated learning and IEP
  • We help students with specific learning needs
  • We cultivate a partnership with parents and walking the journey with our students.

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Here are What Our Happy Students Have to Say

Samuel - ¨F9¨ to ¨B3¨

Clement Tan Secondary Alumnus

I took both A and E maths for O levels. Before tuition with Mr Ng, I struggled a lot, usually failing both. I had the F9 kind failure.

Sec 3 was a difficult year, as many new concepts were introduced, and it was difficult for me to keep up. I often felt like just giving up but I always felt better when I bring my questions to Mr Ng, and he patiently helped me with them. He did not only teach, but he asked questions to ensure that I really understood. He did not stop until I really got it. It also helped that he often used interesting analogies to illustrate the difficult concepts, and to make things easier to remember.

Randy - From a borderline Pass to B grade

Higher Learning Instituition Student

Mr Ng's teaching methods were very much different than others. He cared to ensure all his students were diligent in their work and making sure that we all understood the topics being taught was his main plus point in teaching. We always looked forward to coming to his class.

Without a doubt I would recommend Mr Ng to other students, whether they are good or weak in maths, because he inspires and motivates students to do well. With him, my math grade improved from a borderline pass to a B in my final exam.

Elaine - From "C" to "A" for Math

O-Level Student

I've always found mathematics very difficult, year after year. I had completely given up on doing well in mathematics until Mr Ng started teaching me. What I liked about his teaching style is that, he taught in the easiest way for us to understand. He encouraged us to ask tons of questions in order to clarify our doubts, and he never failed to ensure that we have understood all the concepts learnt. I was able to improve from a C to an A because of his teaching.

I would definitely recommend him to others because of his knowledge and his passion to teach. Lesson with him, is never boring!

Gordon - Motivated to do well

Higher Learning Institution Student

Mr Ng is a very friendly and caring teacher who does not hesitate to teach me whenever I ask questions. He always motivates me not to give up whenever I faced problems. With Mr Ng, my understanding in maths has improved and I have become more confident when doing the questions.

Lessons with Mr Ng is always fun, and I always look forward to attending his class.

How It Works...

Online and Classroom Lessons

We fully understand your child has a busy schedule. No more  missing of lessons with our seamless learning system. Choose your favourite learning mode!

Individualised  Learning Plan for All

Every student has different learning needs. Our system is designed for both accelerated learners and students with specific learning needs.​

24/7 Access Anytime and Anywhere

Enrichment Learning:
Students continue learning at home through various self-paced e-learning activities

About Us

Helping Students Attain Greater Success

Mathmatico prepares students to be ready for the future.

We believe in equipping students not just being prepared for exams, but also to face different challenges in their learning journey with the right mindset. 

We want to help our students to go beyond academic achievements, to be able to adapt to changes and to attain greater success in life. 

Mathmatico is founded by Mr Ng, a Math and Statistics Expert Teacher who has been teaching Math, IT and Statistics in numerous prestigious Tertiary Institutions since 2007.

Mathmatico is designed to go right to the heart of our students' learning and address their learning issues in the most effective way possible.

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