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By Ex-GEP teachers 

Heuristic and Word Problems (P3-P4)

Equipping students with the thinking skills necessary to excel in math exams.


An intensive program preparing students for PSLE math exam.

High Ability Math (P1-P4)

For learners with a strong number sense, who are ready for higher order of mathematical reasoning skills.

(Assessment is needed before enrolment, please call us for an appointment)

Let's Get Ready! (P3 GEP Identification Program)

For P3 students with the potential for higher intellectual rigour, this program helps to hone their math skills and gain confidence before GEP identification.

Are you preparing your child for Math Olympiad?

Highly able learners require a differentiated curriculum that can support their development including intellectual, social and emotional domains.

Gater Math offers a specialised math program that meets the needs of gifted students. It is more than just giving them a challenge. It is to maintain their interests over time and to stay involved in creative work throughout adolescent .