Is There Any Value For Learning Math?

As a teacher of maths, I get this question all the time..

Why must we learn maths?

Will we ever use what we learn in school in the future, in the workplace? In our daily lives?The short answer is … “No”.

You will most likely use little, if any, of these knowledge you learn and practice so hard on, whether it’s in daily life or at work.

1) Why Do We Still Need to Learn It?

Just ask any working adult and they will tell you.

If you go to any maths teacher, they have a textbook answer in their pockets.

That the purpose of maths education is to teach you to think analytically, to solve problems logically and systematically.

2) Engineering…To…High Paying Banking Jobs?

They will also tell you that many companies in the world like analytical people, people who can do maths.

That’s true to an extent, a friend of mine, an MIT engineering graduate.

He told me all his friends from his cohort went to work in high-paying banking jobs.

Though it probably works if you’re graduating from an institute like MIT.

3)  And My Answer To This Question

Personally, I have always had trouble dishing this out to my students who are in diploma courses whom I think, would neither use much of what they learnt in maths class nor land in high-paying banking jobs.

Why should they be studying maths?

Based on years of observations made from students’ behavioral patterns vis-a-vis attainment of goals.

I have realised that besides teaching students the skills and improving their abilities, going beyond becoming exams smart but also to identify one’s purpose for self and society.

Our beliefs influence the way we act towards challenges.


There are three elements for success, to produce results in math.

  • Ability
  • Self-management
  • Beliefs and Attitudes